A Photo-Tour to Aosta Valley, Italy

Aosta Valley or Valle d’Aosta is a small alpine town in the northern part of Italy surrounded by French and Swiss borders. It is the smallest and the least populous region of Italy.

My First Time with Snow

I had never seen snow until that time. Though I had always heard it from my friends and watched it hundreds of times in Bollywood movies, watching snow in real for the first and playing in it was going to be exciting.

Diwali Celebration in Italy, 2018

Diwali is one of the biggest and a major festival celebrated in India which holds a special place in every Indian’s heart. And when you celebrate it with your family in your house, the feeling and emotion is priceless.┬áBut one of the biggest disadvantage of living in foreign land is you miss your culture Soand especially your festivals. So, this year we decided to celebrate Diwali here in Genoa, Italy.

Do you know reason behind these colorful houses in Burano, Venice ..??

Burano is one of the islands in Venice, Italy and is famous for its colourful houses.

Lido di Venezia… a trip to remember..!!

Lido! Now whenever this name strikes my ears, my heart starts pounding with the imagination of the beauty of that place, the calmness this small island has hugged. The scenic beach in Lido takes its beauty to some other level. Though, it is not one of the famous and most beautiful beaches from the list,Continue reading “Lido di Venezia… a trip to remember..!!”