My First Time with Snow

I had never seen snow until that time. Though I had always heard it from my friends and watched it hundreds of times in Bollywood movies, watching snow in real for the first and playing in it was going to be exciting.

Diwali Celebration in Italy, 2018

Diwali is one of the biggest and a major festival celebrated in India which holds a special place in every Indian’s heart. And when you celebrate it with your family in your house, the feeling and emotion is priceless. But one of the biggest disadvantage of living in foreign land is you miss your culture Soand especially your festivals. So, this year we decided to celebrate Diwali here in Genoa, Italy.

१५ जून

परवा सकाळी आई सोबत फोन वर बोलत असताना शेजारचा ऋषी का रडतोय हे विचारल्यावर आई ने आठवण करून दिली की आज १५ जून. उन्हाळ्याच्या सुट्टी नंतर शाळा सुरु होणार पहिला दिवस. फोन ठेवला आणि सैरभैर झालेलं मन बेभान होऊन आयुष्याच्या मागील प्रवासाकडे पळू लागलं. मी ही स्वतःला न थांबवता त्याचा सोबत तितक्याच वेगाने  धावत सुटले.Continue reading “१५ जून”

2 Years…

Dearest Husband, It’s hard to believe that we have completed 2 years of our married life. When I look back to the memories of our wedding day, I still feel they are so fresh, as if it happened just yesterday. But when I sat down to count the memories we shared and moments we cherished,Continue reading “2 Years…”

You’re not easy to forget..!!

Dear Best Friend, I still remember our first meeting in college. I wasn’t too talkative that time, but you made me talk to you and then onwards, we became friends. From that day, our friendship started and continued till today, over 8 years. Even in those many years, nothing changed, our topics, our meeting points,Continue reading “You’re not easy to forget..!!”

Soft Power

Bollywood! Every indian is fond of this name;  whether it is famous bollywood songs, bollywood movies, bollywood actor, actress or a villain. Even the bollywood dance style is  very famous. Bollywood has some special place in every Indian’s heart. Well, that was my thought before what happened next which changed my mind completely. I wasContinue reading “Soft Power”

What’s the difference..?

Every girl dreams of her prince charming since childhood, somewhere deep in her heart. She dreams of him while reading Romeo Juliet, while watching titanic, while looking up to her dad, while playing with her besties. There come many such incidents where she stops and imagine her prince. Portrays him in her dreams. She smilesContinue reading “What’s the difference..?”

that’s how it started..

I got text from him. I was having heavy workload that day, I ignored him. Mobile beeps again, again, again and more. By the time I could open my phone to see his texts, I received 42 messages from him and he was still typing. Yes, we had fight last night. Not very often butContinue reading “that’s how it started..”