A Photo-Tour to Aosta Valley, Italy

Aosta Valley or Valle d’Aosta is a small alpine town in the northern part of Italy surrounded by French and Swiss borders. It is the smallest and the least populous region of Italy. Valle d’Aosta got its name from the Roman emperor, Augustus who conquered the region from Salassi during 25 BC and established Augusta Prætoria Salassorum (modern-day Aosta). The region is also famous for the Monte Bianco or Mont Blanc which literally means “White Mountain”, which is the highest mountain in the Alps as well as in Europe.

To sum-up, Aosta is a stunning alpine town nestled amongst the snow-capped mountains. It is cute, it is cold but yet warm and a must-see place because it has everything to offer you. Starting from History, Monuments, Museums, Alps, Ski resorts, Churches, National Park (yes, have you heard about Gran Paradiso National Park? It is right here), stunning Lakes, beautiful squares and gorgeous alleys.

Well, I am still not over the beauty of this cute hamlet. And I am sure after seeing all the beautiful photos, you will fall in love with it too.

Do let me know how you like it in the comments section.

Roman walls
Teatro Romano
Collegiata dei Santi Pietro e Orso
Arch of Augustus
Porta Pretoria

P.S. If you like any of the above pictures and would love to have one as a wallpaper, just let me know in the comment section with your e-mail id or you can also contact me from the “Contact Me” page and I will send you an un-edited picture for the better quality. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “A Photo-Tour to Aosta Valley, Italy

  1. Nice photos and nice thinking to start writing. Hope u will provide historical information (if any) along with photos.


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