My First Time with Snow

As we were coming closer to the top of the mountain, the surroundings changed from green to pure white and my excitement had no boundaries. Such a pleasure it was. I felt as if I was five years old, again.

You know, to see something for the very first time is to see something in its purest and most childlike form of beauty.

This Christmas, I was way more excited because for the first time ever, it was going to be my first white Christmas and my first-ever snow experience. The main reason behind my excitement was, I had never seen snow until that time. Though I had always heard it from my friends and watched it hundreds of times in Bollywood movies, watching it real for the first and playing in it was going to be exciting.

This region, where we were going to spend our Christmas, Aosta Valley or Valle d’Aosta in the northern part of Italy, is famous for snow. The region is surrounded by French Alps in the west, Swiss Alps to the north and Italian Alps in rest of its sides. Sounds interesting, right? After lots of research, I had decided to visit this place to experience snow. Because, I wanted it to be right, yes, I wanted my first snow experience to be just right and perfect.


While on our way to Aosta valley, all I was thinking and saying to Deepak that it better snows! I’m going to be crazy if it doesn’t. Now, many of you may be thinking, “Okay, you’re 27 and you’ve never seen snow before?” or you wanted to tell me about living in snow and how “not so exciting” your experience is. But, let me tell you. I live in a part of India, where it never snows. And being close to the sea, there is no chance in future as well. Ever! Additionally, yes, I’ve travelled to few places before where it snows, but I had never travelled there while it was snowing.

So yes, this was a big endeavour for me! This was one of my “Firsts”.

We reached to Aosta valley and the roads were flooded with soft white snow. My excitement had crossed all the levels. I somehow controlled myself and went ahead to our beautiful apartment. Rest of the day went in dreaming of tomorrow when we were planning to visit Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe and the highest in the Alps.

Next day I woke up at 5 in the morning (I had put alarm purposely,) just to check if it’s snowing. It wasn’t. I went back to sleep with much disappointment.

We got up and got ready for our adventurous and full-of-excitement journey. And you won’t believe, to ruin all my excitement, it wasn’t snowing, in fact, it was so sunny and hot that we literally took out our jackets. My excitement flew away somewhere and I was deeply saddened.


I thought I came this long to experience snow and here, it’s hotter even than summer days. And I was like my holidays are ruined and my Christmas is no longer exciting for me. Deepak somehow cheered me up and we started our journey to our next destination.

As we were getting closer to Monte Bianco (as they call it in Italian), my excitement started building up fast. I was finally able to see some snow-clad mountains and I couldn’t help but started taking pictures and videos.

As soon as we reached the destination my excitement had crossed all the levels and I literally started jumping and dancing and playing with snow, controlling myself from falling several times.


I was finally so happy and went berserk. I danced there, I walked long-long white paths which had no ends, dumped myself in all the snow and the biggest, after lots of trial and error, I finally made my first snowman.


My first ever snow experience was amusing, exciting, adventurous, crazy and all other similar adjectives. You know that feeling when you travel to the place that you’ve always dreamed of travelling. A place that you’ve seen in the movies, ever since you could remember. A place everyone has always talked about. It swirls up the feeling of joy and awe inside you. It was exactly like that with me.


I think this is the only reason I love to Travel. That priceless feeling when you see or experience something for the very first time. And, of course, for many, snow isn’t a big deal in today’s grand scheme of things, but the new experiences you get and lessons it teaches you can literally change your life or your perspective towards the life.

This moment, this memory is going to live forever with me. “My first time with snow”!

Do you also believe that first experiences are special? Do you remember any of your “firsts”?

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I'm a free mind creative writer, a traveler, an artist and an Engineer.

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