2 Years…

Dearest Husband,

It’s hard to believe that we have completed 2 years of our married life. When I look back to the memories of our wedding day, I still feel they are so fresh, as if it happened just yesterday. But when I sat down to count the memories we shared and moments we cherished, I realised it’s been quite a long, a long span of 2 years. In this small time, we had so many moments, so many memories, so many fights and arguments, so many pictures and what not. But on a serious note, what a ride it was!

Starting from being completely stranger to our long distance relationship to getting madly in love with each other to getting married and finally living with each other. Every day was a new experience and new lesson for both of us as we were trying to explore new things about each other. Trust me, it wasn’t easy but I knew we will get through it and yes we did. Every day I came to know you as a better person and loved you even more.

The day when everyone else was celebrating new year, we were entering into our new life, holding each other’s hand tightly, promising each other to love each other till our last breathes and to be loyal with each other. We were getting ready to ride this thrilling, adventurous yet joyful and happy journey that was waiting for us in front of our eyes. The journey till date had been exciting, memorable, adventurous and happiest of my life. Days, months and now 2 years have passed by but my love for you has not changed and I promise it will never be, until I breathe.

Thank you for all the love, for all the care, for late night laughs and for early morning hugs. Thank you for believing me and always trusting me. Thank you for being with me during my hard time and respecting my decisions. Thank you for holding my hand in this life and making me believe that good men still exists. Thank you for so many wonderful memories and moments and I truly believe many more exciting memories are yet to cherish which are on its way.


All I want is to be with you, holding each other’s shivering hands with beautiful wrinkled skin and relying our heads of ripened white hairs on each other’s loose shoulders and still laugh on how we used to talk when we were young and how we survived our long distance relationship and how come we managed to be with each for so long.

Thank you for your utmost love and care.



Published by Ashudeep

I'm a free mind creative writer, a traveler, an artist and an Engineer.

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