Soft Power


Bollywood! Every indian is fond of this name;  whether it is famous bollywood songs, bollywood movies, bollywood actor, actress or a villain. Even the bollywood dance style is  very famous. Bollywood has some special place in every Indian’s heart. Well, that was my thought before what happened next which changed my mind completely.

I was on date with my husband that night. We decided to meet near a restaurant. I dressed nicely and went up looking for the place. I had heard quite a lot from my hubby, that it is very nice restaurant and the ambience is magical. I was kind of excited with both, the date as well as the restaurant. I landed up at the famous square in Genoa, “piazza de ferrari”and spotted my hubby there. The restaurant “Storico Lounge” is just 2 min walking from there. Since it was friday night, the place was crowded. We had to wait for sometime.

After around 15-20 minutes, we went inside and caught our table. The place was really exciting. It was kind of circular in shape. The inner place was occupied by a circular shaped bar which was serving multi-colored and  mouth watering drinks. The tables were arranged alongside the bar in circular manner. The buffet dinner was placed just behind the bar which had over 15 different dishes including salad, vegetarian dishes, chicken, sea food, french fries, pizzas, pasta, cake and many more. The ambience was very jazzy. It was a completely authentic italian restaurant bar, where everything was just so perfect, how come the music cannot be a part of that perfection? Trust me, the music they were playing was mind blowing. Though, half of the songs were in italian and we couldn’t understand but I feel music is itself a language and hence we were enjoying it a lot.

We were now so engrossed in eating our favourite dishes and enjoying the food and music. Something struck me and my ears simply popped up and started listening carefully. Clearing 100’s of people and their noise, I started concentrating more on the speaker which was placed on the wall quite  far from our table and I literally started jumping when I could hear it clearly. Yes, it was a famous bollywood song playing at the authentic Italian bar, “Mera joota hai Japani, yeh patloon Englishtani, sar pe lal topi Rusi, phir bhi dil hai Hindustani”. I was so shocked and so excited how come indian song is playing here in Genoa, a small city in Italy. I was so overwhelmed and somewhere so proud of being Indian.


I couldn’t resist myself asking a bar owner about the musician of the restaurant. He asked me if there is any problem. I proudly told him that I heard an Indian song here and I am an Indian. He was amused and told me that we love Indian Bollywood music and we have huge collection of famous Bollywood songs and we just love it. I was so overwhelmed and happy. India is a the developing country and making its name in the world, but certainly Bollywood is helping India to make its identity in every foreigner’s heart and in mind. After all, it’s all about “soft power”. We love you Bollywood!

Fun fact – Christopher columbus was born and brought up in Genoa. He started his world conquering voyage from here.


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I'm a free mind creative writer, a traveler, an artist and an Engineer.

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