What’s the difference..?

Every girl dreams of her prince charming since childhood, somewhere deep in her heart. She dreams of him while reading Romeo Juliet, while watching titanic, while looking up to her dad, while playing with her besties. There come many such incidents where she stops and imagine her prince. Portrays him in her dreams. She smiles unknowingly when she reads how Romeo kissed Juliet for the time, she cries with Anjali when Rahul leaves her for Tina, she laughs on how Raj teases Simran and how Nandini made Sameer very angry and letting him eat spicy green chilies. We all have our favorite pair from Bollywood and we always somewhere in our dream try to match them with our life. It could be “Raj-Simran”, “Ritesh-Genelia”, “Ajay-Kajol”, “Bunny-Naina”, “Abhi-Aish”. Every girl certainly has at least one romantic hero, which she wishes to be her partner. Some girls wish of having a fair guy, some wishe for a rich guy and some go for a brainy guy. Some hope for a serviceman, whereas someone wants well-educated guy. This criterion is as vast as any woman’s mind. Very deep and broad to understand (LOL!). But one thing remains same, every girl has something fixed in her mind about her life partner and she always dreams about him.

I also had this “basic criteria” about my Mr. right. Though at one side, I wasn’t ready for marriage and leaving my parents for someone else, whereas, on the other side, I have had his black and white copy embossed in my mind. I had always dreamed of having a Tall guy. Tall, means really tall. Yes, that was my only criteria to decide. Though I’m just 5 feet, I wanted a guy who is very tall. Well, you can say that I’m strongly inspired by great Amitabh-Jaya pair.  When I got proposal from Deepak, first question I asked was, how tall was he? “He is 6 feet”, somebody answered. Butterflies started playing in my stomach. One mind was saying, wow! this is amazing. He is so tall; God granted my wish. However, my second mind started shouting at me, “what? are you actually dreaming of getting married? How can you do that? What about your parents, how can you leave them for a stranger? And how about your dreams, your ambitions? You want it just be in your eyes? Once you get married, you can never fulfil them. Open your eyes and act like a mature person. Get out of these crazy fantasies and live in reality.” I was in complete dilemma. Unclear, puzzled, senile and upset, completely defined my state of emotion.

Time was passing and eventually I got in touch with Deepak, yeah, a guy who is 6 feet tall. I was happy somewhere. So, one day, in our regular conversation, I told him that I always wanted to marry  a tall guy. I asked him what was his fantasy about a girl and he smiled. Just Smile.

That made me upset. I felt, there should be something hidden behind his smile. I am a short creature of god. My height barely reaches 5 feet. My friends and family always tease me on my height. I never mind. But, somewhere in the discussions with friends, I always knew that guys generally like tall girls. In fact, in Bollywood also, the recent trend is of tall girls. Boys find tall girls more attractive and sexy than the short ones. In addition, a tall guy will obviously opt for a tall girl. He will have many options. Then why Deepak said yes to me. Smile on my face disappeared. After trying all the Sherlock Holmes ideas, I finally decided to ask Deepak about it.

Next day, as usual we started with a Good morning message. Without wasting much time, I directly asked him, “why are you interested in me”?

“Is everything ok, why this question all of a sudden”?

“I asked you something and I need an answer”, I raised my voice a bit.

“Ok, Cool down. Tell me what you want to know”, he said with same pace in his voice.

“You are so tall and you can go for any tall girl. Deepika Padukone is your favorite actress. In fact, you always said that you always wished for a girl like her, that tall or somewhere nearby. But I stand nowhere to her. I am so short, so lean, so tiny. Why are you still interested in me”?

“HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA, you are not only small and tiny but you are so childish too”.

That made me angrier  and I literally disconnected the call. He called back, I didn’t answer. He called again.

“Now what? I think I  got all my answers and I don’t want to have any further communication with you. Please stop calling me from now onwards”, I furiously replied.

He, with the same patience and same pace in his voice said, “ok, but please listen to my answer once and then decide whatever you want. I won’t resist.”

“Go on”, I said.

What he said after that melted my heart and made me like him more and more. I couldn’t stop myself liking him a lot and admiring him to the most. I then believed that he never pretended to be the simplest and most modest person in the world, but he truly is. So calm, so humble, so silent yet so mischievous. His that answer of 3-4 lines not only made my day but convinced my other mind as well, which was not ready for the marriage. I now knew that he is just perfect. Perfect for my family too. For my mother as her son, for my sister as her elder brother and for me as my life partner and my best friend for lifetime.

So, this height issue, we thought has ended here. But, that was actually a start. A start of upcoming war. A war with our families. Here, we had already taken a step forward in our love story, there our parents (from both the sides) were against this relation. It was not so difficult for me to convince my parents. With some days of strike and fasting, my family agreed to meet Deepak. But it was so difficult for him to convince his family.

He belongs to that part of Maharashtra, where the healthiest people live. Yes, you got me right. Half of his siblings, including his sisters are wrestlers, weight lifters, karate players. All of them are tall and strongly built. They always believed, “ health is the real wealth and not pieces of Gold and Silver”. It was really hard for them to accept me. Though, we were very subtle with our own decision, families were still not completely involved in it.

This struggle to convince his family lasted for continuous 5 months until Deepak finally visited India and categorically to my parents with his parents. He convinced them that there are no criteria to judge a person by his/her external appearance (including height, weight, color, etc.). These things things stand at second when you’re immensely in love with that person. “For me, what matters most is how that person thinks, her thoughts, her attitude towards life, how her one smile will make my whole day, how her just one touch will make me forget my complete work pressure, how smoothly we will deal together when we will face any obstacle in our future”, he added. Everyone from both the families that day was speechless but happy. He made it. He convinced everyone and then everything was floating just like a fairytale in our life.

We finally got married on 1st Jan 2016. The golden day of our life. And then many people appreciated us, our pairing. In fact, many of our friends asked how did you feel when you’re are married to a tall guy or to a short girl. Even many strangers, we met on our trips to various destinations told us that the we really look cute with each other. This height difference has now become our identity at many places we visit frequently and make us believe that, “what’s the difference”, doesn’t matter at all to us. 

This is how we look together: 


His single line, which made to immensely fall in love with him was, “I just do not want a girl with great height, but with a great heart”.


P.S. This might not be an extraordinary thing for many of you, but this difference has caused many swing and swirl in my life, in our life. Hence thought to put this own experience into the words.


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