that’s how it started..


I got text from him. I was having heavy workload that day, I ignored him. Mobile beeps again, again, again and more. By the time I could open my phone to see his texts, I received 42 messages from him and he was still typing. Yes, we had fight last night. Not very often but almost daily, sometimes twice a day. We both were used to it now and on the verge of our long distance relationship which was long 7 months old. Yes it was old, because there was nothing new to it. Same I, same he, those regular phone calls, texts and fights everything was just same. Even the reasons of our fights never changed. It was one and the same, “distance”.

I got to know about Deepak from a common relative and sent him a request on facebook. He accepted. He was pursuing his PhD in South Korea. I was working in Mumbai. We had never met each other before, never talked before. Two complete strangers, talked on the very first day for 4 hours. After my fingers started paining of typing, we decided to continue the talk next day. I had 2 mindsets that day, he is either pretending that he is so simple and genuine or he is actually very genuine. I mean how someone can be so simple, so straight, so genuine. It was hard to believe. I woke up next morning with his Good Morning text. I smiled.smiley-163510_640 That’s how our never ending conversations started and soon it became a routine. There weren’t many things to explore about him, he is an open book. Too simple to understand, too thoughtful to talk and too honest to trust.

It’s been almost 3 months, things were flowing smoothly between us. Now we were talking to each other over phone and no texts anymore. One day, we finished talking and after 10 minutes I again got a call from him. I got panic thinking he is still awake. It was around 1.30 am there. I picked up the call and started shouting at him, saying it’s too late, you have experiment to do tomorrow, why you’re not sleeping. “I LOVE YOU”, I got a return reply from him. I couldn’t speak for a moment after that, in fact I couldn’t speak anything. I laughed. Yes, I laughed loudly and hung up the call. I swear I couldn’t sleep that whole night. It wasn’t that those magical words unexpected for me or I felt awkward. I was obviously expecting like every common girl, who always wish to hear those magical 3 words from the person she thinks she loved the most. I was happy, very happy.

Days passed by and we were in a relationship now. Long distance relationship. No one actually proposed to each other. He even never expected a return “I LOVE YOU” from me. It was our mutual understanding and it grew as the time passed by. Phone calls were now replaced by video calls. Two people, who were complete strangers to each other, haven’t met each other before, doesn’t now each others any background, were in complete love, madly and badly.

Months were passing by and I wanted to see him. To see in his eyes, to feel him around me. I started nagging him if he come back to India. That day, it wasn’t first time I was asking him, but this time I was actually forcing him to come to meet me at least once. In fact, it wasn’t like he didn’t want to but he was firstly stuck with his PhD submissions and now with his new contract. This distance led to our separation. Frustration, irritation, anger, trustworthiness, compatibility issues were just its branches. We were having fights, almost daily. And finally day came when he messaged me and said let’s just finish this. We were not in state of mind to accept the fact that we could continue this long distance relationship anymore and could give it another chance with fair mind. I was speechless, again. But this time, it made me sad, very sad. I cried, even he did. But we both were aware of the fact that it was really difficult to continue this relationship anymore. After long discussion, with both pros and cons we decided to end it. Yes, that was the end, I thought. An ugly and disagreeable end. I came home late that night and slept with his thoughts.

I was feeling the actual meaning of depression in those days. 3 days and I haven’t spoken to the person I thought I loved the most. I cried, cried a lot but was feeling very very helpless. I called his friend and asked how is he doing. I got to know that he was out for some conference that time. I thought he has settled with the final thought and have moved on and so I should also. But, like the famous saying, “When you really desire something from the heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it”,our life also took a sharp turn. I got a call from him. Firstly I decided not to answer but I couldn’t resist myself and answered. I couldn’t hear anything from his side. I knew what he must be going through. I am sure we both would have cried a lot that night. But one thing made me sparkle and that was his words. He said, “I got another offer from Italy, I am breaking this contract and coming to India just for you”. I felt like to die at that very moment. My heart started pumping like a drum. So fast and so loudly. I thought this is the moment we have been waiting for so long. My happiness has crossed all the boundaries, all the limitations. We both were happy, happiest.

After long long arguments, confusions, disagreements, ding and dong, our families agreed to meet each other’s family once. Finally, the day came when we were actually going to meet each other for the first time. I was so excited. My happiness couldn’t fade and it was clearly reflecting on my face. He with his family came home, had lunch and I was getting eager to see him. After almost 8 months, 16 days and 6 hours, I was seeing him standing in front of me. I was delighted, so as he. We couldn’t even speak anything but just “Hi”. That’s what all we spoke to each other but our eyes talked a lot which no one could hear but just we. Our parents finally agreed to our wedding and decided to wait till his next visit to India. But what happened next was a surprise for everyone.

He called me outside, where all the elder members of both the families were sitting. I was quite scared. He was standing next to me in the center of the room. He took out a box from his pocket and what everyone was seeing was a ring actually. He said, “I don’t want to wait till my next visit to make you mine”. And yes we got engaged on that very day,our first meeting, 4th November 2015.

He then went out to explore another country and to start new phase of his career as well as his life. Month passed by of our meeting and now it had became way too much difficult to stay away from each other. He decided to come again and that’s what he did. After all short notices, flying preparations and all fleets and foot we finally got married on the very special day, which everyone will celebrate. 1st Jan 2016. On the new year’s day, we started our new life, new phase of life. And that’s how it all happened..!!


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11 thoughts on “that’s how it started..

  1. Awesomely written Ashwini what a story. Now I came to know your eagerness by which you were asking me some things in this period 😂😂.

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  2. One of the most beautiful blogs I have read in recent times. What captured my heart was the purity of thoughts and the love Which inspired you to share your story.. No need to say that we are eager to read more from you.. Your anecdotes will surely set a good example for all the couples in long distance relationships.

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  3. Such a beautiful piece of writing. I was able to relate to every little emotion on the stressful long distance tension and gladly your post ended with a great rush of happiness!


  4. Really loved the way u have written this😊
    I would love to suggest you to write a novel with some modifications😊keep going😊👍


  5. are a writer! specially…“When you really desire something from the heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it”

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